Racing carriage

General / 31 March 2020

I've updated my WIP. Illustration and springs system, different views and drafts.


General / 20 March 2020

A small representation of my racing carriage. Work in Progress.

ork in Progress 

Interior sketch

General / 08 March 2020

Interior sketch. Inspired by Sherlock Holmes movie. I try to understand how light and color work in an enclosed space.

Springs system

General / 29 February 2020

Racing carriage springs system (another design option).

Racing carriage - Springs system

General / 26 February 2020

Springs system of my racing carriage design.


Racing carriage concept art

General / 24 February 2020

I'm working on some design options of racing carriages. This is one of them.


General / 21 February 2020

Hello everyone. It's my first post here. 

Periodically I draw fast sketches from imagination (with a little bit of references, of course) and try to focus on shapes and colors. Here is a latest sketch that I drew in two hours yesterday evening.